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10 of the Best New BMX Edits Reviewed!

Timmy BMX delivers up his pick of the best new BMX videos from across the globe.

Rob Wise In Oz:

Rob Wise spent some time in Oz with his teammates for GT. He came away with an amazing street edit.

Rob Wise In OZ from Charles Fallon (Sunsets&Sodas) on Vimeo.

Day at the Farm:

Some of the Fatality team met up in the middle of winter at a private setup to hang out and get some good riding in. With the popularity of scooters amongst young kids these days the indoor skateparks are almost a complete write-off at weekends and not worth the cost of the trip. More and more private setups like this one are popping up all over the country to fill the gap.


Nike BMX: How to Barspin:

Garret, Dennis, Nigel and Chad Kerley are some of the best riders in the world, so who better to learn how to barspin hop with?

Nike BMX: How to Barspin from Nike BMX on Vimeo.


Quintin have made a huge impact in the BMX world with their amazing snapback hats. In the past two years or so they have become the number one choice of many pros when it come to what they wear on their heads. With an emerging skate team Quintin took an unusual approach to creating an edit and made use of an rc helicopter and some high quality cameras to give you a different perspective of down town LA and some amazing skating.

Heli-Attack from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

Fit Trippin Ecuador:

Fit took an amazing trip into Ecuador and Columbia. By all accounts BMX is thriving out there and good times are to be had for all devotees of the two wheeled religion.

Fit – Trippin Ecuador from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Josh Perry Two Day Jaycee Winter Session:

Josh Perry took a few sessions out at Jaycee park and came away with this tight edit. We love it when a plan comes together.

Josh Perry Two Day Jaycee Winter Session from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

San Antonio Sessions:

The Nike time are without doubt one of the best in BMX; put them all together and some of the best riding in the world comes out of Nike’s San Antonio sessions.


Paul Ryan – Our House Edit:

Paul Ryan with a short and sweet edit at seventies ‘our house’ ramp set up.

Paul Ryan Our House Edit from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

Lahsaan Kobza – Signature Line Edit:

Lahsaan Kobza has some signature parts coming out through shadow conspiracy. This is why he deserves them.

Lahsaan Kobza – Signature Line Edit from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

A Week in Lisbon with Mike Curley:

Mike Curley has been dropping a succession of amazing videos lately. Here’s another from a recent trip to Lisbon.

A Week in Lisbon with Mike Curley from BMX.COM on Vimeo.

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